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Azerbaycan Saytlari

 »  Home  »  Endodontic Articles 6  »  A six-canal maxillary first molar
A six-canal maxillary first molar
Discussion - References.

This article presents a case of a maxillary first molar with an unusual number and arrangement of cana . Usually, the interpretation of the radiograph along with a careful inspection of the pulp chamber floor by probing and by proper visualization allows the operator to understand the root canal configuration. In the present case, it was possible, based on radiographic interpretation, to visualize the bifurcated palatal canal. It was only after the first postoperative radiograph that a possible third palatal canal was suspected. The use of the operating microscope and the electronic apex locator were crucial both for the detection and for the management of the three cana  in the palatal root.


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