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Azerbaycan Saytlari

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JofER editor

Can you believe that? Black toothpaste!
Published 05/10/2008

If you are using a black toothbrush, you might as well go all the way and use black toothpaste as well… Here it is! The oddly named “Toothpaste Thought up by Hiroshi – Pure BLACK” by Three-Hills Co., Ltd is a black toothpaste that could be especially efficient for people concerned about halitosis or periodontal disease. It promises beneficial effects on gums, and with its squid-ink-like appearance it must be so much fun to use - if you feel adventurous. And we bet you are!

natural black toothpastes

Black toothpaste with a long name: “Toothpaste thought up by Hiroshi - Pure BLACK”. Your teeth will look black while brushing, but certainly much better after rinse! But who is Hiroshi?

crest toothpaste, colgate toothpastes Not really knowing what it was, I held it in my hands admiring the type in both English and what I’m going to assume was Korean (not sure) - she then exclaimed it was black toothpaste. Black toothpaste? Interesting idea though I’m not sure how it would take to my mouth. This morning I tried it for the first time, the experience ended up being less pleasant then I first thought it would be. I was fine seeing the black stuff on my brush, it wasn’t until it went into my mouth when my stomach started to turn. Near the end I barely could brush my tongue and when I spit it out to rinse I felt a bit queezy. In the end though my mouth did feel clean, but I’m not sure if the weirdness that I felt would be something I’d want to do again.

A black toothbrush - how significantly effective!

You can easily find toothbrushes in white or shades of pastel with an eye toward cleanliness. With this “Fresh Black Toothbrush” by Jacks, however, the handle and even the bristles are black. They use special black hair with platinum colloid ceramics which are supposed to effectively remove plaque - even without toothpaste! All kids will want one of those…

tooth brush sanitizer, sonic care toothbrush, ultrasonic toothbrushes The “Fresh Black Toothbrush” by Jacks. What is missing now? Correct, the need for a black toothpaste…