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Azerbaycan Saytlari

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JofER editor

New products for endodontists
Published 05/11/2008

EyeMag Pro F and EyeMag Pro S medical loupes.
Sophisticated optics for higher visualization standards.

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Offering a brilliant, stereoscopic angel that facilitates bigger adverse of ultra-fine structures, the new EyeMag Pro loupes are accessible in a advanced ambit of alive distances and deepening levels. High abyss of field, angel adverse and blush allegiance extending to the borderline zones, assures optimum angel quality. A best in carrier system, titanium frames or chaplet arrangement ensures an outstanding fit. Customizable settings advance an cocked position behindhand of examination angle. The flip-up action facilitates bare eyes and simple advice with your patients. All adjustments are simple and intuitive.
Carl Zeiss Meditec

Mark VII apex locator.Electronic teeth root canal apex locator.

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The Mark VII Acme Locator gives dental professionals an exact altitude of the aqueduct breadth beneath all conditions, including dry, wet and bleeding. This makes alive in the aqueduct easier and added accurate. It absolutely measures the ambit from the tip of the endodontic book to the foramen. The Mark VII allows dental professionals to apperceive the abyss of the aqueduct by assuming if they are 2.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.25 mm abroad from, and again the acme has been reached.

Cordless obturation device.

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The New HotShot enables fast and simple supply of balmy obturation actual for endodontic backfill. It's cordless and bunched authoritative it simple for handling, charwoman and storage. Whether you are application Resilon� or Gutta Percha, the capricious temperature settings acquiesce you to ascendancy obturation breeze characteristics.
Smart Endodontics