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Azerbaycan Saytlari

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JofER editor

Endodontist communication
Published 05/23/2008

Review of interested social/networks sites for endodontists.

Endodontics (220 members) - a group dedicated to the development of our skills in doing root canal treatment.

Endodontics (72 members) - group of World Wide Endodontic Practitioners.

Endodontists of the world unite (163 members) - every body who is an endodontist, an endodontist to be or hope one day to be an endodontist. To share experiences, air gripes and exchange information.

I am a Dentist and I love it! (6379 members) - "Its not just a subject, its a way of life"! I'm lovin it! Officially the biggest Dental group on facebook!

History & Art of Dentistry (56 members, 511 items) - This group is to collect images and information about the History and Art of Dentistry, Dentists, and Oral Hygiene. It may include images of historical artifacts and books, artwork or stories about dentistry and/or dentists, or modern images of events and objects related to dental history. Remember for items and images more recent than 1923 to respect copyright. Please provide citations, sources or provenance whenever possible for the items in the images posted.

Google Groups:
Usenet: (1078 subscribers) - dentally related topics; all about teeth.

Yahoo Groups:
RotaryEndo (210 members) - hhis group has been establish to help dentists and Endodontists to discuss problems and solutions related to performing Root canal treatment. Special emphasis is on use of Rotary instruments for RCT.

DentalWizard (1056 members) - this group is formed for all & devoted exclusively to dentistry. It gives information about recent dental investigations & guidence for keeping your Teeth & Mouth sound & Healthy.

clinical_dentistry (2671 members) - like all other branches of Health science, Dentistry is developing at a very rapid pace; more so because of the involvement of and the dependence on advanced technology.